Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kids Kamp 2012

Our church is doing an outreach this year called "35805", which is the church's zip code.  We are doing some service/outreach ministries.  You can see the t-shirts in some of  the pictures.  Also here is the back of the shirt that lists some of the events.  We are right in the middle of Kids Kamp and it has really been exciting to see how the LORD is moving in our community.  May we shine HIS light to a dark world!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What did Mama Ward do on her birthday?

7:00 Breakfast in Courtyard
9:40 am Dr. Appt  - well check with kidneys
11:00 am Walked thru "The Greenery"

11:30 Delicious Lunch at Betty's home - Look at her miniatures!  She made all of these! The pictures below are what Mama Ward is sitting down looking at.
Betty put a special cherry on top in honor of Mama's birthday.  I didn't tell Betty it was Mama's birthday - we had been celebrating all week!

2:30 pm Took Sue to visit with her dog at Sarah's, while she is staying with Callie while her house is being renovated.  Sarah is a special friend of mama's.

3:30 pm Stopped at Wholesale Florist to get flowers for church event tomorrow and SAW the Goodyear Blimp that Sharon had ordered to fly over Huntsville in honor of Mama Ward's 80th! ;) 

6:30 pm  Mama and Papa making cheese wafers for special church event tomorrow.

Then.....finally 8:30 pm - She hit the couch!  Hopefully I can go and do all this when I turn 80!  OK - for the last time this year - Happy 80th Birthday, Mama Ward!  We love you so much!

Today is really the DAY! Happy 80th Mama Ward!

Yesterday, she enjoyed having Alice with us for a birthday lunch at LOGANS! I will post later today what she did on her actual birthday!!!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mama Ward's 80th Birthday Week

 We will celebrate Mama Ward's birthday on vacation with all the family but.... last night we did a little garden birthday dinner and let Mama Ward's 3 great grandsons be the servers!

 Her present was a "real" bird bath.  Mama Ward had made her own with a tomato cage and pot saucer!  Only Mama Ward!  Sorry all these pictures are so out of order!!

 The servers got to eat at the main table!

Three course meal - grilled chicken tenderloins, apple almond salad and rolls! And the servers did a superb job!  Happy 80th Birthday, Mama Ward - June 7, 2012!