Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ukraine Orphanages

Pray for Scott, Jack Parker, Brian Landrum and myself (Sandra) as we leave for Ukraine tomorrow- Oct 1-8. These are some pictures I took in June when were there. We will be there for a week buying coats and shoes for the two orphanages we worked in this summer. As you can see, our hearts were so stirred while we were there for these children. The Lord brought our paths together for a reason and we are asking God to lead us. Our prayer is for them to see Jesus in us and turn their tender hearts to Him. I am also looking forward to seeing a special little girl again that I met . She clung to me while I was there and I have been praying for her. May she be a little beacon of hope to all the children in Ukraine.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Open House for our Church family

This was Saturday, September 29. The Lord gave us a beautiful day! Look at Mama & Papa's Turnip greens!
Cookies & Lemonade

Kerry St. John loved the hammock
David catching up on the news!

Open House for our church family

Sharon, Emily came to my rescue! She got the family pictures up! Thank you, Emily!

Right before Open house we ate a quick bite. John David was one of the tour guides!
Mr. & Mrs. Van Dyke and Pat Wilcutt

A new Tooth & Eye!

What a week! Papa got a temporary tooth until they can do an implant in January and Mama had cataract surgery and can see so much better! She doesn't even need her glasses. Hopefully in January, she can have some laser surgery and see even better! Praise the Lord for doctors! Mama says a face lift is next!

Katie's trip to Bama

Kaite almost made it for a pic with Big Al (Aunt Sandra's idea!)
Headed to the GA ballgame! This is Don & Eleanor Ward, Papa's brother
Sunday Lunch with Mama Ward's brother, Uncle Freddy and sister, Aunt Frances and Uncle Kermit. They came for the Sunday morning service and Uncle Freddy sang a beautiful solo.

Garden, and Mama Ward & Her Siblings in Tuscaloosa

Mama & Papa's Garden - Turnip greens, collards, onions & romaine lettuce
Mama's Ward's Siblings
Ready for ESPN Gameday!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Trip To Botanical Garden

Monday on Scott's day off, Papa, Mama and Sandra met Emily and John David and visited the Scarecrow Trail at the Garden. This is Grammy's favorite place in Huntsville and John David likes it too!

Kyle's Friend - Brock

Yes, this is the picture I meant to place before! We sure did enjoy meeting Brock, a Liberty student from Tampa, FL. He is now an official ROLL TIDE FAN!

Roll Tide Pancakes!

We enjoyed having Katie, Kyle, Leigh Anna and Kyle's friend Brock come down from Liberty for the weekend. They were able to attend the BAMA/Arkansas football game in Tuscaloosa!
Well, I can't figure how to remove this pic. It is Dad showing one of Bennett's sisters some pics he has from his military days.
Mama Ward made Kyle his favorite - Strawberry Cake!
Sunday Dinner!
Papa made Roll Tide pancakes on Sunday morning!

Dad's Reunion with Bennett

This is Jeane Bennett, Congressman Ron Lewis, John Ward and Attis Bennett

What a wonderful weekend! Here are some pictures and a link to go to read about dad's reunion with Attis Bennett a fellow soldier from the Korean War. The picture above is when we first got to the school. We were told to come in without Bennett noticing Papa. The group at the door is Bennett greeting people at the door. We stood there for awhile and then we were able to sneak around to the side. It was a total surprise to Bennett and so special to Papa!

Here is a short clip of some of their visit! The actual reunion is on my other video camera. You will have to come visit us to see that!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tailgate party at the BAMA Apartment

We scored!

John David's first BAMA game!
Mary Katherine, a friend of ours, has landed a spot in NYC with the Rocketts. She reports in a few weeks. Dad said he needed a picture - his breakfast buddies would never believe him!

Alabama Football!

After the game, Seth and some friends went down to see the players come out of the locker room and they went out to the field and Nick Saban was just finishing a press conference on the field and he began just walking toward them. Seth asked him for a picture (my heart is so happy he had his camera - a son after my own heart!) and he said, "Yea, just make it quick!" Wow, talking about being in the right place at the right time! Cool, hey?