Saturday, June 9, 2007

Passport Miracle

The passport miracle! Seth's passport arrived about 24 hours before we were to leave on our Ukraine Mission trip. God used a friend of Scott's in New Hampshire to make it possible. The issue date on it is JUNE 8! So everything was done on Friday and then we tracked it online and it flew all night and was in the FED-EX delivery truck at 8:26 this morning and it arrived at our door at 11:30am. God is good - all the time! May He use us in a special way to share His Story these next 11 days. We will be holding a VBS in 2 villages and also in 2 orphanages. Our men will renovate a building into a church that our church has purchased for a group of believers in the village. What a privilege to represent our LORD! We appreciate your prayers during this trip.

Well, next week the addition is ready for the cabinets, grout for the tile in the bath, sinks (kitchen and bath) and it will be close to being finished! We used the same color walls, carpet, tile and hardwood that we did in our house. It really ties it all in. I can't wait for all the family to see it! Hopefully the mover can just go ahead and set up Mom and Dad's bedroom when they come on Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

House is SOLD!

Mom and Dad's Saturday morning breakfast crew - the ladies gave mom a charm bracelet with each lady giving her charm with a special meaning. Also we celebrated mom's 75th birthday! Yes, every day is a gift, right, mom? We missed Pam. She had already planned a trip for that weekend. What special friends mom and dad have! Also, Lawrence Swicegood was visiting also. Oh, the stories we can tell about growing up with the Swicegood boys!

Hardwood and carpet going in today!