Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Mama Ward story!!

Well, as you all know - Mama Ward is quite amazing!  Yesterday, she had her third "facet block" in her back.  It is a shot in her back that helps with her arthritis.  It is done at the Surgery Center here in Huntsville.  She chooses to not be sedated and just lies on her belly and gets 6-8 shots.  Everyone there is always amazed at her.  Yesterday, her doctor said "I sure would like to video this for all those wimps that say I need more pain medicine!!".  And also after the procedure, she just walked out and the nurses said, "We hardly ever have anyone walk out of here, everyone's usually discharged in the wheelchair!" But not Mama Ward! This is a picture of her last night about 4 hours after the procedure, she even went down to Providence and ate dinner with all of us!! She just walked over to my house this morning and said "Oh, my back is so much better!"  Praise the LORD!!!