Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 First Snow

The birds love Mama Ward!

Some neighborhood "kids" came by on their way sledding!

With snow , puzzles come out, Mama Ward said "oh, this is easy, time us!" Thus the time card, but.....not finished yet. It was harder than she thought - no straight edges!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ward Tank Work Going on in Huntsville, AL !!!!!

This is at the COKE plant. Papa and Mama enjoyed seeing some work in action!

Another Thrill!

Pops and Gigi also got to take the 2 older grandsons to see YOGI BEAR. It was so much fun observing them and hearing them giggle! They loved it. You were suppose to wear 3-D glasses, but they didn't like that part. Oh the joys of grandparenthood! Have I told you how precious they are???

Books and Bananas

We have had our 3 grandsons for 4 days while David and Emily had the awesome opportunity to take 25 people to PASSION this last weekend. She will probably post about that! But as I was putting things away, I had to smile with all these books. All 3 of the boys love to read and they will go and get an armful. It seems we will never finish the pile at night (some books have to be shortened! shhh!) But oh, what precious memories! And most of the books have their daddy or uncles' name in them. Graham loves to read and when he gets finished, he turns around and lays his head on your shoulder and wants to be rocked and sung to. And the bananas, that is one thing that I know they will eat at Gigi's!!!