Sunday, December 30, 2007

They are having a blast!

10:45 Game - They lost 33-12. They said they were a little rusty - with 4 turnovers but looking forward to the 2:15 game.

2:15 Game - They lost 31-20. They had a 20 to nothing lead and let it slip away. They had a great time and were able to glorify the Lord by being a witness. To God be the glory! They are out of the tournament and not sure when they are headed home.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

In case you are interested....

The team all arrived in New Orleans today around 4:00. They checked in at the tournament and then had some practice time. Here is the website of the tournament

The guys play tomorrow (Sunday) at 10:45 and 2:15. I think they are realizing that they are going to be up against some tough teams. But remember they look good, though!!! (Written only by a mom)

They are off for the Flag Football Game!

Headed to New Orleans, LA

Seth is their videographer and they will pick up 3 more boys to have a total of 10 guys. They will play Sunday and Monday. We will keep you posted.
Papa Ward had to send them off with some "local recipe" - Sunny Delight!

Puzzle Time

Fun Weekend!

Oh, No - Treacy is hit with the green face. I'm not sure what button I pushed , but it was the wrong one. We enjoyed having girls in the house for a change!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bennett's Visit

There is quite a friendship here! This is Papa's friend from WWII. Our family owes so much to Bennett.
This was when he and his wife left to go home on Christmas Eve.
This is the hat we bought for Bennett.

This is a turnip that Bennett brought Papa from Kentucky. We ate turnips all weekend! Notice Papa's hat that Bennett brought him.

Papaw Gossett handing out Christmas gifts!

Papaw Gossett is known around his place for his singing - so he and I handed out caroling Christmas rubber duckies! We are so thankful for his good nature!

Flag Football Anyone?

Part of the family is headed to New Orleans for a flag football tournament - They are going to look good!
Scott was given an "honorary" jersey with a "significant" number! Happy Birthday, Scott , in May!

Christmas with the boys!

The Gossett Family

I'm not sure why my beautiful daughter in-law has a green face, isn't she pretty? I think she and Hudson have the sweetest faces in this picture.

Reading Buddies Christmas Party

Christmas Specials!

Grammy was a Victorian caroler.
Aunt Sharon came to visit and brought "Rudy".
What is Papa so happy about?
John David is eating eggs and grits for the first time!

Aunt Tommye's Funeral - Tuscaloosa, AL

This is where it all began - Aunt Tommye introduced mom and dad here at Calvary Baptist Church and they were married there on December 6- 55 years ago. We were blessed to have Aunt Tommye for 97 years - what a servant of the Lord. Her service was so special. We are blessed with a wonderful Christian heritage.

Our precious grandsons!

Hudson loves to be cuddled and Pops loves to cuddle!
This toy box was passed down from the boys, I think I bought it with green stamps many years ago! Can you see what John David enjoys? Balls, and more balls!

Reading Buddies

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Deacon/Staff Christmas Party

After we enjoyed our meal, we played a game of "Guess What is in the Sock?" I took 13 of Seth's baseball socks and placed a Christmas item, ex. extension cord, candle, etc. and passed them around and they wrote down what they thought it was. First, I passed out a folded poster board and bic pen to write with and told them to number 1-13. (Brought back many memories) Thanks, Susan (Queen of All Games), for the idea! The winners (we had 5 that got 12 right) went first when dessert was served!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

We toured an exhibit - ICE. It is the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". It was 9 degrees in there! Needless to say, we did it fast. Here's a website to see a short video -
Scott went down the slide.
Papa Ward's favorite part
The Nativity was awesome! It was so exciting to see this! May Jesus Christ be praised!

Opryland Hotel - December 5-6, 2007

Tony LaRussa, St. Louis Cardinal coach, was leaving as we were checking in - Scott got to shake his hand and I "happen" to have my camera in my pocket!

It was Mama & Papa Ward's 55th Wedding Anniversary. We went with a group of 35 from our church and had a great time. It was beautiful!

Welcome Home Soldier!

December 4, 2007 - What a privilege to welcome home one of our church members from Afghanistan. Alex is home for a 2 week break ,then going back until April. Thank you, Alex for serving us. We are blessed because of it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Christmas Holiday Has Started!

See, Mama & Papa Ward already have their tree up! We placed it in the living room and the Gossett's tree is in the sitting room.
They left yesterday for Charlotte, loaded with their Christmas!
Charlotte- Here we come! OK, Pam and Susan, you are in charge - now you try to keep up with them! They are always busy doing something for others!
Well, I had to put one picture of our precious grandsons!

Friday, November 23, 2007