Monday, October 15, 2007

The David Gossett Family

We are so excited about Hudson Scott's arrival in just a few weeks! Emily is just as beautiful as ever. John David is constantly kissing Hudson, but oh, what a great big brother he is going to be! Oh, John David is now singing! We got a call after church last night and David said, "Listen John David can sing now!" It was precious, he just hummed a note or two. He is growing up so fast - he is going to be a big brother, you know!

Papa has seen them all - All the SEC Stadiums!

AL vs. Ole Miss - We had great seats! Nat, the guy in the middle is Nick Saban. He is the new Bama coach. Just so you don't say - "Now who is Nick Saban?" as you did one time. You got quite the looks as you said, "Now who is Bear Bryant?" as she was sitting in Bryant-Denny stadium a few years back. Oh, the joys of learning about the Ward football traditions! We are looking forward to Adam, Nat and Greta coming for the TN game!
We realized that Papa had been to all the SEC stadiums, except Ole Miss, so we made a nice trip to Oxford,MS
Isn't this a beautiful centerpiece? Mom and I enjoyed looking at all the tailgaters.

Oops, out of place. But this is at Russell's Beef House, Corinth, MS on Friday night. This was a steak for two! Scott had been to this place before. We loved it so much that we stopped there again coming home on Saturday night !

A Precious John David!

Playing on Grammy's Sun Porch
When John David wants something, he comes up to you and grabs your finger and walks you to whatever he has on his mind. This day he took me to the guest room closet where he had seen Seth's collection of PEZ holders. I saved them just for him! He loves playing with them. The little table and some of those toys are ones I saved from the boys. Scott and I can remember the Christmas we gave David & John that little table with a Sesame Street little house on top. John David, Hudson and ... will enjoy that little table too! We are so blessed!

Grammy and the FISH!

Fall Break 2007

Seth was on Fall Break last week and he enjoyed hanging out with his friends, etc. One day we all took John David to ACROSS THE POND, a garden center with a lot of ornamental fish. He loved it! Did we tell you he could say FISH?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ukraine Orphanages 2007 - Mission Accomplished!

We had the awesome priviledge of taking money from our church family and buying 200 coats, hats, sweaters, socks and shoes for 2 orphanages.

This is our group as we arrived in Kiev, Ukraine - Jack Parker, Sandra, Brian Landrum, Slavic (our translater) and Scott.

This is my special little girl - I did find out she has some family in the area that check on her, so for now, the Lord has rested my heart. But what a privilege to pray for her - May she be a shining light in the country of Ukraine!