Monday, January 7, 2008

Do you think Hudson looks like Papa Ward?

Isn't he just precious? Actually Emily says he looks alot like HER baby pictures! He has her beautiful dark skin and he still has pretty blue eyes - maybe like Papa's.

John David and Hudson

We missed Emily and the boys so much. They had a great time spending 2 weeks with her family in NC. All of us were waiting at the nursery on Sunday morning to see them. We could not believe how much Hudson had grown.
John David was so excited to see Uncle Seth. When you ask him to say, "Seth", he says, "ball". He has enjoyed watching Seth play ball along with all of us.

Melanie's Visit

We enjoyed Mel's visit so much. Scott was sorry he missed her visit. He is on his annual "Moose Hunt" (10 day sabbatical - They haven't seen a moose, but Scott had read 2 books by Sunday!)) Melanie hadn't been here long when they were busy making a special salsa that Mama Ward & John had made earlier and John loved it.
The boys were wondering about Mama Ward's key lime pie. She said she just put a little too much green food coloring! But it was eaten.
We had Christmas again.
OK, to all my sisters - LOOK at Papa! Mom and I got him to go shopping - Believe it or not! Doesn't he look sharp?
Kerry's message Sunday was "Putting on a New Wardrobe in the New Year". We all looked at Papa. Actually the message was on putting on the mind of Christ and that is done by spending time with Him - a great way of start the year!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Did I show you my Favorite Christmas Picture?

Scott and I are so blessed! These are our precious grandsons - John David 20 mths, Hudson 6 weeks

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fun with Family!

Under Pam's favorite tree - The Weeping Willow
Our little Christy has grown up to be such a beautiful young lady!
Papa and Mama had just come inside - thus their "transition" lenses are working!

Christmas from the Burn Family

This is Mama Ward's color!
Papa loves his new jacket!

This was a hard Puzzle!

I bought this puzzle in Ukraine with a beautiful picture of a cottage. But it was really hard; the pieces would fit perfectly where they did not belong.
Even Brock and Aaron got in on it!
But Treacy, our puzzle queen, finished it up for us!

Dana and Ward's Visit

Dana and Ward lived with Mama and Papa for about a year and they are special folks to Mama and Papa. They now live in Florida.