Monday, June 27, 2011

Notable News!

We are back from our mission trip to Ukraine. The Lord blessed us tremendously. I have placed 2 pictures with plans to do more later.

John David told us he had a loose tooth and on Saturday, while eating Mama Ward's fresh corn, he said, "It's gone". It took us a while to find it in the rows of corn, after initially thinking he had swallowed it!

Also our email is not working properly, I can receive but not send. I wanted you all to know that we have still not been able to "nail down" a vacation date. So far, all the dates have been already reserved by this year's guests. I will continue to talk with the realty company and see what the possiblities are. Just pray that something will open up for us - it was a perfect place, right?

This precious little boy made me a bracelet and the last picture shows the urban area we worked in this year. In all the previous years, we have worked in villages, so it was quite exciting to see more of the Ukraine living.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Special Day

Papa reading his birthday card from his Breakfast Buddies in Charlotte.