Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5*5*5 I was TAGGED!

I was "tagged" by Natalie to go to my 5th folder, 5th picture and here it is - Feb. 2006. Emily and Melanie picking out their polish. They will love me posting their "best" side. They are beautiful girls, inside and out! Oh, yea, Emily is pregnant with JDP, can't you tell?

In order to understand you may need to go to my nephew's wife, Natalie's blog

Mama Ward is home, but first....

You must see her pretty flowers. Her brother, George, sent her these pretty ones below and...

These other special ones were made by her great grandsons, John David and Hudson. Their creative mommy helped them make this craft. They were so proud of it and enjoyed giving it to Mama Ward.

And, yes, they just sat in this seat the whole time they were visiting in the hospital. NOT!!! They are so precious! Mama Ward is so glad to be home and is feeling pretty good. Continue to pray for her recovery.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank you for your prayers for Mama Ward

Mama Ward had to have emergency surgery on Friday night with a blocked intestine. This picture is on Sunday night on one of her walks. She is so determined to get up and out of the hospital. The Valentine tree was the first place she walked to. Thank the Lord for Susan coming in and staying with her at night. Continue to keep her in your prayers.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What does a charm bracelet and donkey have in common?

Nothing! But I did want to tell my sweet family thank you for my 50th birthday charm bracelet! I had all 13 charms soldered and I'm enjoying the sweet memories that it tells.

As far as the donkey, it is back home in it's box where it belongs! Long story, but this is part of a little nativity I've had since our boys were little. When I was packing up after Christmas, the donkey was missing. I sent an all points bulletin out to my family to be on the lookout with their stuff from Christmas. But.....when John went to visit Melanie in Charlotte this weekend, it was in the gift bag to Mel from Emily! It had fallen down in the bag. Ok, now you know the story!

Scroll down to the Christmas video of the 12 Days of Christmas - the words have been added!

Papa is Better!

Papa had the stent removed today and he is already feeling better! Thank you so much for all your prayers. This puzzle has really been good to pass their time! Although Mama Ward can't stop when she gets started.

Papa enjoyed tonight observing Seth and Austin working on their Science project.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ward Great Grands

William Scott Renstrom - son of Adam and Natalie

John David Gossett, son of David and Emily

Hudson Scott Gossett, son of David and Emily

Eden Hope Renstrom, daughter of Daniel and Danielle Renstrom

The whole gang (minus Christy and her family)

Abby, favorite grand dog!

Greta Jean Renstrom, daughter of Adam and Natalie Renstrom

Bennett Grace Renstrom, daughter of Daniel and Danielle Renstrom

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ward Christmas 2008

Family time was precious.
Caroling with the glow sticks

Remember saying our goodbyes and Pam had tears in her eyes and she walked right through the patio screen door!

Chip and Scott to the rescue!

The gift that brought the most laughs - Seth's dinosaur onesie!

Susan can really "tickle" those ivorys on Papa and Mama's piano.

A traditional Christmas Eve Dinner - Steak and Shrimp Salad

To Uncle Chip from Hudson - A Scooby Do Rag to ride with his Harley!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Papa's Stone in the Road!

Christmas day Papa was hit with a kidney stone (his first and hopes last!). Dr. Z. saw him in the ER and placed a stent in on Dec. 26 to relieve the pain and because he had been on a low dose of aspirin, they had to wait until Jan. 2 to try to crush the stone with ultrasound. So that surgery did not do it, the stone was too too hard. Dr. Z. said it was like the candy GOBSTOPPERS, which have layers and layers.

But today, on the third time into the operating room, Dr. Z. used a Laser and zapped it! Papa will still have the stent in for 4-5 more days and then have it removed in the Dr. office. He is very uncomfortable but his head nurse, Mama Ward, is taking great care of him and keeping the pain meds in him!

This one of Papa's buddies from church, Billy H. checking on him. We were able to bring him home this afternoon. Continue to pray as the stone leaves the building!