Saturday, February 23, 2008

My special little girl!

My little Ukrainian friend had a birthday on Feb. 7. Dima, our friend and missionary, took her some things - look at the fruit and the sweet smile. Her hair is short again, and I'm not sure why. She was so proud of her "pig tails" when I saw her in October when we took the coats. But the Lord has rested my heart as to what we need to do. She is right where the Lord wants her and I have the privilege to pray for her. I would appreciate, as the Lord prompts you, to also pray for her. God has a special plan for her life! Here is an excerpt from the letter from Dima. Dima is wanting me to help him with his English - as you can see he is doing very well.

Hey Sandra und your family!I think you got used to my English. Thank you so for soon answer. My mom very gladHearing from you. Give Sue, Judy, Sara and sisters which were in Polivanovka hugFrom my mom, please. We preyed about Jack Parker. How is feeling he now?I heard from internet about tornado which was in 5 states: Arkansas. Tennessee,Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama. How are you?Not long ago in orphanage came Karin’s mother. It is spoke my mom one teacher fromOrphanage. But that is all. Take away her from the orphanage she not need.Tell David and Scott hello. I saw on the picture his boys. God's richest blessings, Dima

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not another picture, Grammy!

Isn't he just precious? I enjoyed babysitting the boys while Emily and Mama Ward had their sewing lesson!

Baseball & Sewing Season

Seth started his first Varsity sport this week - Baseball. He is a great second baseman. Notice he is standing just like his brother, John. Papaw and Mama Ward are enjoying watching from the van until it warms up!
Papaw is babysitting or is Hudson babysitting?
Emily had her first sewing lesson. She did great! Be looking for her new outfit - coming soon!

Happy Valentines Day

Papaw Gossett was a good sport! Remember those waxed lips? He wasn't sure what to do, but he put them on for a picture!

One of the things that bring the quickest smiles - I pick up at Wal-Mart, when they first set out seasonal things, - little characters that sing and dance. This little Scooby-Do sings and dances - "Be My Little Baby" I had so much fun letting it sing for Jim's friends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Special Piece of Art!

Mom has had this beautiful piece of crochet for a long time that a special friend, Janice's (she was in her SS class) mother, Pearl, made this and gave it to Mama Ward.
Jen, our youth pastor's wife, stretched it and framed it and now it's hanging in the church's conference room.
Isn't it beautiful?

John & Katie's visit

This is Sunday night after church - John & Katie came in and got their jogging clothes on and went around the block 3 times! They told Mom and Dad to go with them but this is what they put on after church! It was only about 20 degrees outside.
We did our normal routine - taking our guests to eat at ROSIES! We enjoyed John & Katie so much. They were so excited to see just where Mama & Papa live. Our church was John's first official church to go and represent SCORE after leaving his position at Idlewild. He did a great job.

Basketmaking Class 201

These baskets were made in 3 hours - with their own two hands! They are getting GOOD!

Papa's New Abode

It started out as just going to be a "lean-to" for Papa to put his lawn mower and big machines, so he could have floor space to "piddle" but this is what it turned into. Bill, our contracter, with the addition does everything right!
This is 3/4 of Bill! There's even a window.
Now Papa is ready for spring!

Monday, February 4, 2008

What's been going on?

This is our precious Hudson. He is such a delight. John David is such a sweet big brother also!

Alot of the family was together in Raleigh, NC on Jan. 18 for Daniel's Cd Release, Adore and Tremble. To God be the Glory!
Sandra made a trip to Liberty and had a great time!
Melanie was in the opera, Die Fledermaus, and she did a wonderful job. The Lord has blessed her with a beautiful voice.

Katie DeArmon came to Huntsville - Feb. 2-3 ! Her college group, Youth Quest, worked with a Discipleship Now weekend and we stopped in to see her. This is Kyla, she's our neighbor and attended the conference and Seth (notice Seth's blue sucker!) We made Katie a goodie bag for their trip back to Liberty.

And yes, Seth has taken Drivers Ed and plans to get his license on July 28. Can you believe it? He is a great driver. In fact, the instructor said he was one of his best ones he has ever had! (do you think he tells every parent that?)